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  Partners' 2nd meeting in Perugia

Partners met in May at Borgorete's offices in Perugia to discuss the results of their local research and consultation with people with disabilities.


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A new training and employment website for people with disabilities  

Around 80 million people in Europe live with mild to severe disability and the explosive growth of the internet and social media offers them new opportunities. WEB2.0 SEE is a new European project which is developing a ‘virtual hub’ - a website linking to opportunities and information on accessible, learning  and employment for people with learning difficulties, physical disabilities, and/or mental health issues.  The project is composed of partners from the public and not-for-profit sectors in UK, Italy, Hungary and Poland, led by Wandsworth Council’s Lifelong Learning Service.  Our mission is to improve the education and employment opportunities of adults and young people with disabilities who are at risk of social exclusion.  

WEB2.0SEE will provide:

The project started in December 2011 and the pilot version of  the Web2.0SEE 'virtual hub'  is being piloted throughout 2013.

Please keep in touch with your feedback, and keep a look out for new developments.  Visit the hub here.

Kick off meeting in London

Kick-off meeting, London February 2012

Seminar, Budapest May 2013